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The Law Offices of Lawrence D. Tackett, P.L.L.C. can assist you in your decision. A Texas bankruptcy attorney ready to help you.

No one wants to face the fact that they can’t pay their bills. However, in today’s economy, many people have lost income because of illness, divorce, or layoffs. What do you do when you simply cannot pay your bills? Wouldn’t you like to know? If this describes your financial circumstances, you should know your legal rights.

* Our firm has assisted thousands of clients over the past 30 years to discharge their debts in bankruptcy.
These clients have gone on to reestablish their credit, and live financially secure lives without the crushing burden of debt.

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Should you file for Bankruptcy?

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Let's Face the Facts
No one wants to face the fact that they can’t pay their bills. Many people try to stretch their monthly income out among creditors, never really getting ahead because of high interest rates, and over-the-limit fees, never really being able to put a dent in the principal amount owed. Some people exhaust their savings, retirement or other liquid assets, trying to do the responsible thing and pay off their creditors.

Finally, they feel backed against a wall with nowhere to turn and barely enough income to pay their monthly living expenses, much less all their other debts. Living with debt and possible lawsuits hanging over your head everyday causes considerable stress and anxiety. The creditors call at all hours of the day, and they even harass you at work. Creditors are ruthless; they will even call your neighbors just to embarrass you.

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There are many life situations which place a person in the position of being unable to pay their bills. A spouse may have received a major pay cut, or may have lost their job entirely, cutting the household income in half. A family member may have become sick or been disabled, divorced, or put all their money into a struggling business which didn’t make it. Or it may be any one of a thousand other reasons.

It is normal to feel embarrassment about contemplating bankruptcy. Maybe you feel like a failure because you can’t live up to your responsibilities. Surprisingly, bankruptcy happens to many people, more people than you realize, for reasons out of their control. Fortunately, there is a way to dig yourself out, erase your debt, and get a fresh start. You may even reestablish your credit in as little as two years. Some people choose to forever run from their debts, never being able to qualify for a home, rent an apartment, or buy a car. Bankruptcy is a way to acknowledge your debt, wipe it away, and get a fresh start on solid financial ground.

Here at the Law Offices of Lawrence D. Tackett, P.L.L.C., we understand what you’re going through. We are here for a free consultation with a licensed attorney specializing in bankruptcy. We will evaluate your situation and tell you whether or not you qualify for filing, and if so, which chapter you should file. We will handle your case with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We are here to protect you against those horrible creditors who leave you in tears. Are you facing a foreclosure or repossession? If so, we can stop the proceeding in its tracks. Once you file, there is an automatic stay put in place, which will help give you the necessary time to get your financial affairs in order, to permanently save your home or vehicle.

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